Full Name: Adam
Type: Ensorcelled
Path: Acanthus
Player: Avy

Public KnowledgeEdit

Yet another vanquished ghoul of the Vampries, more so another saved from Invictus. The Lost of New Babylon are getting a reputation. Slavery after all... Adam was a sex slave doll, used as food and play. It was the much beloved Aria that saved this one. After a nasty attack by an unknown Vampire Adam sacrificed himself to save his Mistresses ghouls. Left ripped limb for limb and barely hanging onto life the cost of repair and his use as a sexual toy was left to great. They where going to let him die when Aria pulled strings and bought him. Well that is how the Vampires like to see it. Aria sees him as saved and free.

Adam is still finding his feet. No longer a slave and no longer a sex worker, he is trying to find his own. Dedicated to the one who saved him, the one who gave him back his body and his life. Adam now has two cyber arms, his body is scared from the attack. No longer a pretty boy he has a hardened edge about him now.