Full Name: Aria
Seeming: Beast
Court: Spring
Kith: Runnerswift
Player: Tink

Public KnowledgeEdit

Aria came out of Arcadia knowing only there.  Taken as a baby, she grew up the hard and long way, living moment to moment as sport for her Master's hounds on his great hunts through the Arcadian wilds.

Upon escaping, she came to a world she didn't know, not even prior, so she was the blank slate, as it were.  Since then she's grown into a young woman, with compassion for others in spades.  She cares, plain and simple.

Having had her own Market stand in the local goblin market, and being quite adept in the hedge, she gathered goblin fruits and cultivated her healing prowess. 

She's friendly, engaging, genuine, and bubbly.  Always there to help pick up the spirits of her fellow Lost, and anyone else that might come along with a dim disposition, life is something she spins through with fervor and zeal.

Recently she's helped to liberate Adam, one of the new mages in the area, from his former Vampiric domitors.  Having obtained a way to 'unlock' his potential, the potion awoke him into his new existance.  She's devoted to him, hell he can hardly get rid of her, and all school girl puppy love cute around him.

As one of the most recognizable Spring Courtiers, Aria is renowned for her healing abilities, using her connections to Spring to rejuvinate those that have come by harm's way.