Full Name: Britany Summers
Clan: Deava
Covenant: Carthian
Position/Group: Harpy
Player: NPC


Britany is is one of the most popular Kindred in the City. The face of the Carthians. Coming across fun loving and carefree but do not be mistaken. She is heavily involved in the Carthian movement. Britany called the bleeding heart by most Elders is the classical rose with thorns. Her popularity is her weapon, the admiration of the young and the secret lust of those in power her shield. She has her elegant fingers in the political pies of mortal society as well as popular media. If one fucks up and is caught on the 9 o'clock news she is your saving grace... or so you believe.

Britany was made Harpy only in the last three years, despite her clashing values with Prince Leopold. Her club Oasis, on the shores of South Beach is a popular stop in the night for young Kindred.