The ACG describes the eastern seaboard. It contains Americas three Mega Cities, some of the largest in the world. The ACG also has the greatest population density in America due to the instability of the West Coast and the now hostile terrain of Central America.

New Babylon is one for the three districts of the ACG North Mega city. ACG North stretches form where Boston used to sit right down to where Philadelphia was. The other two districts are New Philadelphia and New Manhattan. Out of the three New Babylon is the main coastal district that deals with distribution and trade across the rest of the city. On a larger scale, with the three mega cities that exist along the Atlantic City Grid, ACG North's main commodities are textiles, technologies and the Military.

The ACG Central mega city stretches around South Carolina and is the smallest of the three Mega Cities. ACG Central is commercial farming and agricultural technologies.

The ACG South mega city is situated where Florida would have been. This Mega City biggest commercial commodity is Fishing and Boarder Patrol and National Security agencies, is it is not the largest southern city to the Gulf of Mexico and the southern countries.

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