Full Name: Clarissa
Seeming: Fairest
Court: Spring
Position/Group: Motley Member
Player: Avy

Public KnowledgeEdit

As Gossip goes Clarissa is a play thing of The Witch of the Bitter Wind Selene. Or the one who tamed her. Clarissa is the beloved Herold of Spring, the dancer and entertainer, a DJ to Radio Free Fae. She has turned into quiet the entrepreneur. Clarissa is highly regarded in the Human social scene of New Babylon. She has a little fame about her DJ performances and now Co Owner of Sin and Club RIviera.

Out of all that what she is passionate about is freedom and the freedom of everyone around her. She has always been supporter of so called Court Jumping. "We should not fear the choices we make, sometimes people change, paths change and we need to make sure we make the right choices." Though this is not an illegal activity. Court Jumping is frowned upon.