Kail WKing
Full Name: Kail
Seeming: Darkling
Court: Winter
Position/Group: Winter King
Player: NPC

Public KnowledgeEdit

Kail is an odd one, hardly seen. His features are very androgynous so it is unsure weather he is really male of female or perhaps both?? No one has ever seen is Mask nor have they seen him out of the Freehold, or have they?? he is winter after all. Master of the Winter Network paranoia states he is all and knows all, everyone is his spies or that is just what Winter wants you to believe. With this vast empire at his fingertips rumor and gossip has spread many nasty things about him and the rest of his Winter Courtesans. The question is did they know about the coming attacks? could they have done something about it? are they involved somehow? or did they sacrifice the few to save the many? Either way pain and suffering as caused many to question, to whisper and in some cases mistrust the court and thier King.