Full Name: Liv
Seeming: Fairest
Court: Spring
Position/Group: The Hedge Militia
Player: NPC

Public KnowledgeEdit

One of the last remaining members of the Hedge Sisters, once a sexy fee-willed group consisting of Fairest Spring woman, now known as The Militia. A multi seeming/court faction often seen a reckless group fighting for the freehold, first on the front lines of the war in the Hedge. Liv is a struggling Spring courtesan. Once loved for her beauty and kindness, she has dedicated her life to freeing the hedge around the freehold from those that kill and destroy so many lives. from those who took her sisters. A scar runs down the right side of her face, having lost her eye during one the viscous battles. Spring is still in her, she cant escape for her love of life is why she fights, she knows sacrifice. She celebrates the loss and sacrifice seasonal. At the start of each season she throws a feast to end all feasts, it has become quiet a gathering.