Orion Roe
Full Name: Orion Roe
Type: Hierarch
Path: Obrimos
Group: Silver Ladder
Player: NPC

Public KnowledgeEdit

A man strong in his own faith and known for his connections within the church. Orion has been a strong leader, some condemning him as a warmongering fanatic that will see the destruction of the Consilium. He has in fact a reputation of being wise, stern but fair. Listening to the Council but not afraid to put his foot down. Orion has been know to clash with The Free Council regularly, who accuse him of holding archaic beliefs that will deny advancing technology, in favor for military strong-arming, he barely tolerates them. Orion sees technology as a evil vice released by the Technocrats as a tool to bring about their destruction. Ideally he would rather avoid technology and the Virtual Net than harness it. Orion makes sure the Free Council are denied positions such as Sentinels and Heralds so they can be monitored. But only a fool will deny technology completely in this world.